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There is a 20% chance you're crazy... let's talk about it.

Kim Mik is in disguise as a healthy, normal person. She boasts an impressive corporate resume, volunteers in the community, has a family and pets. Her parents love her and her neighbours have few complaints. You'd never know that she has a severe mental illness and a history of substance abuse, unless she tells you... and she will.

An experienced professional speaker, Kim tackles the taboo topics of mental illness and addiction with both humour and sincerity. Her words and stories -- less clinical and more emotional -- will have you looking at yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and community members from a different perspective -- one that is more accepting, more loving, and perhaps less fearful. Combine inspiration, education, and laughter for a keynote that won't soon be forgotten.   •   '1-650-930-7993  •   That's Crazy Talk