Danielle Neilson
Support Services Manager

"Kim's presentation is honest, real, enlightening, humbling, sincere, inspiring, funny and above all else - it is NEEDED!! Kim's message and delivery style brings truth and comfort to the reality that mental health is a part of society and a part of the human experience. She makes it okay to talk about mental health and to embrace it! She gives hope to those experiencing mental health and to those who are supporting people through it.

Kim captivated a group of youth at Covenant House that are not always the easiest to engage. She inspired dialogue in them that I have not otherwise seen. I am grateful to have had her here and look forward to future opportunities with her.

I would recommend her to anyone - anywhere!"


Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest
Tia G, Student

"I was a student that attended the CamH presentation today, and I wanted to say how wonderful you are. Although the subject you were speaking on was "heavy", you made the experience of learning about your disorder very interesting - and entertaining.

I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to speak out on illnesses, especially the way you did. Even though I do not suffer from any illness myself, you were a great example of how embracing who you are is most important regardless of the circumstances. You've definitely impacted the way I see myself, and you've given me more confidence to embrace and learn from every flaw and experience. You were definitely the most memorable part of my day."


David Rempel, Teacher
Bowmanville High School

"Kim Mik is one of the best speakers I have heard -- EVER. I bring my high school students to CAMH's 'Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest' anti-stigma educational program annually, and first heard Kim speak last year. She is authentic, often touching and consistently entertaining, and has a gift for truly reaching her audience. I was hoping she would be a speaker at the program again this year, and she did not disappoint. I look forward to hearing her again, with both my my students, and, hopefully, my colleagues."


Take Your Kids to Work Day
Anonymous, Age 14

“Kim-mik’s speech/talk was very well done.  She was so funny and honest and answered everyone’s questions, no matter what they were.  She made me learn a lot about bipolar disease.  I never really knew a lot about it, but I think I’m going to research a little more about it.  It was very inspirational, listening to what she had to say and how she overcame her illness.  The way she told her story made you really stop and think twice about Mental illness and other things like addiction.”


Teresa Marques
Senior Development Officer,
CAMH Foundation

"I want to thank you for speaking at our dedication event this did an amazing job, and what I couldn't stop thinking of on the way out is how you don't hide behind your words. So often, we think about trying to include 'key messages', and fitting everything in...Your approach is so much more successful and meaningful."


Marie Podnar
Project Manager

"Wow, is all I can say about Kim Mik-Girard.  What an inspiration to everyone.  At first site, she is a regular professional, mother & person.  Once she tells you her story, she is no longer ordinary, but ‘exceptional’...

Kim is very personable, honest and very open.  She uses her humour to lighten the subject and... definitely got the message across that you can lead a normal life and still deal with a mental illness...

Kim delivered this message with emphasis on hope, education and the feeling that you don’t have to be on this journey alone."


Monica Peel
Canadian Federation of University Women,

"The effectiveness of your talk with our members was demonstrated not only by the questions asked, but your open approach to 'crazy' allowed people to share their experiences and thoughts.

Thank you for being such an outstanding role model as to how to cope with mental illness."