Who is Kim miK?

As a little girl, Kim certainly didn't dream of growing up to become a professional speaker in the field of mental health and addiction. No, like other little girls, Kim dreamt of being a lawyer, or a carpet layer, or even a firetruck. Hit by mental illness at the unthinkable age of five, however, and drawn to the microphone like a bug to a zapper, it's really no surprise that Kim's passions have led her here.

Being Proud and Giving Back.

Kim has bipolar disorder type I, with psychosis. She thinks it's weird that people would rather talk about their colonoscopies than their psychiatric appointments. Rather than suffer quietly and ashamedly with so many others, Kim has chosen to speak out about mental illness and addiction in hopes of making similar conversations easier for you, your children, your colleagues, your friends...

Kim is the winner of a 2010 Transforming Lives Award -- an award from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health that "honours extraordinary people who are courageously living with mental illness and/or addiction, and who now serve as models of hope and inspiration to others." She volunteers extensively, eager to reduce stigma and give back to the mental health community that saved her life. Read more about Kim's ongoing journey of recovery with mental health and addiction issues on the CAMH website, or in these articles from the Toronto Star and InsideToronto.

Speaking Up.

Kim has been speaking since the ripe old age of 11, when she served as the Master of Ceremonies for her sixth grade graduation. She won her first competitive speech competition -- a combination of prepared and impromptu speaking -- during her ninth grade year. Since then, Kim's natural ease and presence in front of a crowd have led her into a variety of speaking engagements, mental health-related and otherwise.

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Kim has:

  • been a regular speaker with Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest, a stigma-reducing education program concerned with mental health and addiction targeting high school students
  • delivered nation-wide training for a Fortune 100 company
  • inspired youth and adults alike at events like "Take Your Kids to Work Day"
  • shared her story at recovery-focused support groups for patients and families at neighbourhood mental health centers
  • delivered the keynote address at a high school graduation ceremony
  • performed stand-up comedy at Yuk-Yuk's as well as private functions
  • much more!


kim@kim-mik.com   •   '1-650-930-7993  •   That's Crazy Talk